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Hacker Scripts

For us noobs


"SOME OF THESE SCRIPTS WILL RUIN YOUR COMPUTER!!" Listen. I know you want to become a 1337 haxx0r and all, but seriously, don't run these scripts on your main machine. Use a box you can blow up with malware, or a cheap Linode server, or like I do, a VM. But DON'T BE STUPID. USE WITH CAUTION.

Where are them scripts??

Glad you asked. They are broken up into several directories, and majority of these scripts are written in Python.

├── 📁 network-chuck
|  ├── 📁 ransomware
|    ├── 📄 somescript.py
|    └── 📄 anothernastyboy.py
   ├── 📁 anotherdir
      ├── 📄 somemorescripts.py
|     └── 📄 hacktheplanet.py
├── 📄 README.md

Unless otherwise stated, I wrote these scripts with the instruction of YouTube channels. When I get better at this, I will create my own.

However, note that I am not content to just write these down; no no. Ya girl is going to refactor them and test on my VMs.

More info please!

I do more detailed writing on https://0x8c.org. For more loosely documented thoughts on cybersecurity, I share my notes here: https://notes.0x8c.org.


THIS IS FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. I am not responsible for whatever happens if you break shit or get arrested for being stupid. I will be making a license, etc, soon.